WINK News: Helping Vulnerable People Find Housing

WINK News: Helping Vulnerable People Find Housing

As rent prices skyrocket, two organizations are helping some of the most vulnerable people in our community find a home.

The Hunger and Homeless Coalition of Collier County said in the first quarter of this year, there were 65 seniors without a home, and that number is growing.

“We’ve had maybe 10 to 12 a year. And of course, with what’s going on with housing now, it’s increasing dramatically,” said Dr. Jaclynn Faffer, CEO of the Naples Senior Center.

Faffer said in the last two years, the number of homeless seniors has spiked. She believes the rapid increase in the price of housing and inflation are too much for people on a fixed income.

“Often they become quite depressed. They have cognitive issues,” said Faffer.

The organization has been helping by providing support groups, counseling, signing them up for assistance programs, and connecting them with resources.

They have also partnered up with other agencies in the community to help the seniors find housing.

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