NDN: Seniors empowered toward exploration, self-discovery

NDN: Seniors empowered toward exploration, self-discovery

Throughout the month of September, advocates for seniors and the unique issues facing older adults will come together to celebrate the crucial role of senior centers during National Senior Center Month.

The first senior center in the United States, the William Hodson Community Center in Bronx, New York, opened its doors in 1943. Its purpose was to reach out to people who had retired but needed a place to gather to stay connected to others. Exactly 80 years later, senior centers remain critically important with more than 10,000 organizations nationwide supporting millions of older adults from all walks of life.

Today’s senior centers are places of discovery, encouraging older adults to discover their unique interests, talents and aspirations. Senior centers offer a vibrant, action-packed combination of wellness activities, art and music programs, and educational programs – all with the opportunity to socialize and develop new friendships.

Baker Senior Center Naples is unique because it is a hybrid organization. We offer the recreational, educational and wellness activities of a traditional senior center as well as professionally delivered programs in dementia respite, caregiver support, geriatric case management and mental health counseling. These services are open to everyone 60 years of age and older regardless of race or religion.

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