Hello SWFL: The Other Side to Caregiving

Hello SWFL: The Other Side to Caregiving


Barbara Green has taken care of her husband, Dick Green, for 18 years. Her husband was diagnosed with Lewy-Body Dementia in 2000. As her husband’s disease progresses, Barbara’s life evolved immensely.

“I’m like his nurse and caregiver. I have to meet all of his different needs as far as issuing his pills that he takes, to cooking his food, to doing his laundry, to getting him to bed on time, to getting him to doctor’s appointments, things like that. So it’s time consuming, very time consuming,” Green said.

The role of a caregiver is demanding — both physically, mentally and emotionally. Taking care of a loved one takes a lot of time and energy.

Barbara Green turns to the Naples Senior Center which provides her with the support she needs to help take care of her husband.

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